Snacking on…


..while watching my fave shows and doing my task online. Yes, Im multi tasking. hehe. Can you do that? lol Pretty amazing huh? :-D

My Entry for Yummy Sunday, BPC #79, and Ruby Tuesday

Have a Great Day Folks!

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15 Responses to “Snacking on…”

  1. waahhh, just thinking of going to the ‘kanto’ to buy one… heheheh :) here for 79 BPC :)

  2. I miss eating chippy Momi Emzkie, ako nisugo c bana ad2 sa Asian store lahi man iya nipalit na chips d man chippy :-( Visiting from Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the visit too.

  3. Leah H. says:

    I only like the snacking/eating part:) Miss Chippy:(

    Visiting for #79 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  4. Mrs.D says:

    ayay! can I have some? I miss chippy…ehehhee!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  5. MommyGagay says:

    sorry, but i’m a no-no to chips.. ;)

    ..from BPC #79.

  6. Pinx says:

    waaaahh… ug nakapalit ko ug ahat sa tindahan! paibog jud! yummmm! bpc 79 hop here Emz

  7. Rcel says:

    Chippy!!! Yum yum!!! One of my fave junks! Naa ko diri pero ang blue ra. Tapos I got clover, and piattos, and ding dong, and richee, and Lala fish crackers and more! Mura kog sari-sari store diri. Pero ganahan ra ko tan-aw, di kaayo ko nagakaon, usahay ra jud kaayo. :D

    Multi-tasking? Most stay-at-home moms are so good at that! :D Ako gani, I blog, a FB, a hop, I cook, I do Triz’s lessons, too. Amazing di ba? While si bana, duha ra ang mabuhat at the same time– either maghimo exam or mag-check papers and watch basketball or listen to music. Hahaha.

    BPC hop!

  8. Adin B says:

    Ayay! I remember my childhood with this chippy. I would cry if mama won’t buy me one every time she goes to the market. hahahaha…. D Best talaga and chippy! :) hehehe… Yummy! Visiting back!

  9. Avs says:

    epic jud ning chippy ba…i remember when i was younger, me and my friends nagcontest – nagkinilaw, gibutangan ug 40 kabuok sili, then gibutangan ug chippy…kinsay makaantus ug kaon sa kahalang, daug. in fairness, lami ang chippy sa kinilaw…bpc hop!

  10. seny says:

    I found one similar at our local shopping center, generic corn chips it was good tho’ but not like chippy…yeah i know, pretty amazing how we can those thing hahaha thanks for stopping by! Tales from my so called Life

  11. cheerful says:

    love it and miss having one! visiting late from last week’s YS, see you around. thanks and have a great weekend…

  12. KM says:

    Awww! Na-miss ko ang Chippy! :(

    Speaking of multitasking, ako na ata ang double Ph.D. sa aspetong yan. Work mode, blogging, FBing, chatting, playing online games, watching videos, internet surfing, kumakain na din simultaneously all throughout the day. Haha! Desktop, laptop at iPhone sabay sabay ginagamit ko. LOL. Kaka-stressed minsan pero fun din naman :D

    Hopping here for BPC ^^

  13. KM says:

    At nagbalik dito para maki Yummy Sunday! :)

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